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Management and Automation Software for Small Business.

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What is Woffice?

We are a business management platform that improves the administrative flow of small companies, from the creation of Estimates, payment of Invoices to project cost management.

Woffice facilitates processes, automates tasks so you can focus on growing your business..

  • Really Free, we have no monthly fees, premium plans or upgrades. All features are free.

  • Measurements. For construction companies we automate the cost calculation based on project measurements.

  • Custom Reports. Create your own reports, or use one of our templates. Data is automatically updated.

  • Customize Everything! You have all the power to decide how the platform will be used. We adapt to you, not you to us.

Feature 1

Know your Profit

Know the cost and profit of each project. With our complete and personalized reports you even know the cost of a call. And the best, we do it simply and automatically.

Feature 1

Remote, faster

Send Estimates, Contracts and Invoices to your customers. They can sign and pay from anywhere, using any computer or smartphone.

Feature 1

Don't miss any work

Your employees will have a personal calendar with all their activities and they can confirm the scheduling right with your customers, automatically.

Feature 1


Let the system do the math by setting the parameters used by your company, how products should be calculated and how and when taxes should be included.

Feature 1


Discover the power of AI in your business. Get automated flows, avoid repetitive work. We make it easy for you to focus on your business and increase your profit.

and many other features...

  • Checklist

    Don't miss any details, create custom checklists and assign tasks to each team member.

  • Routing

    We automatically create an itinerary map with the best route for each employee from the calendars.

  • EasyCost

    Register your costs as easily as taking a picture. Just point your smartphone at a receipt and that's it, we extract and register all the data.

  • The data is yours

    Have control and power over your data, integrate Woffice with various systems, or export for any type of file you want. With Woffice you are free!


What our users across the USA say:

Using Woffice was the best thing we did, we improved our service flow, tracked our leads and costs. Before we had to adapt to the software, but today Woffice adapts perfectly to our business. With Woffice we were able to open our second store.

Luciano Soares, CEO Face of Wood, Florida

Woffice makes our administrative tasks much easier. I don't have to worry about anything and I can focus on my business, and at the end of the week the reports are on the desk automatically. I know exactly my profit on every job today.

Roberto, Owner Madeira Millwork, Ohio

Woffice has the best benefits when compared with other tools.

  • Woffice
  • Quickbooks
  • Price
  • Accounts
  • Customize Everything
  • Measurements
  • Strategy for Delinquency Reduction
  • Routing, Checklist, EasyFlow, Signature...
  • Free
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • $80/mo
  • 5 users
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, we do not have any paid plans or hidden fees. No trial period or premium features. Everything in our software is included in our free plan.

    If you receive credit card payments you will pay the agreed fees with your Payment Gateway, but the fees will be the same at Woffice. For example if you pay 1% when receiving by credit card at Square, using Square at Woffice you will also pay 1%.

    If you receive by check, cash or any other form of offline payment, there are no fees.

  • Because we have everything you need, the way you need it, for free. Unlike other software, Woffice is a software that adapts to your business.

    Most software is very complicated to use, because they try to serve everything from a beauty salon to an accounting office. And for that to work they need to create a very generic software.

    Woffice is different, we know our audience, and we focus on the companies that use our software to allow you when you use it to modify our software in such a way that it looks like it was made on demand for you.

  • It is very safe to use Woffice. Your payments are processed by Stripe we do not have access to any sensitive payment information, our servers are on AWS (Amazon), as are the biggest companies in the market.

  • Woffice has a little bit of both, and more. Use as you like, customize to your needs. If you want to use it as an ERP, you can, but if you prefer to use it as a CRM too, and if you want to use both, why not? The best thing about Woffice is that it adapts to your needs.

  • No, we can help you transfer all your history to Woffice, just like in Woffice you can integrate and transfer all your history to any other platform.