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How do we collect personal data about you?

In everything we do, we seek to protect our data and information. We know it's like that for you too. Your personal data ("Data") is a valuable asset that must be preserved. So you need to know exactly how they can be used. That's why we created this Privacy Policy (“Policy”).

So you can enjoy all our products and services with peace of mind, knowing exactly how and where your data will be.

  • account_box
    When you create an account on Woffice.

    When you join a product and become a Woffice user.

    When you sign up for a Woffice account, we ask for some data such as email, name, telephone. Data is collected from your products and services that you choose to register, and transactions you carry out with us or an integrated partner.

  • apps
    When you access a Workplace of a company registered in Woffice.

    When you receive an estimate or invoice for example that was sent through our software.

    We collect data such as email, telephone, financial and some data that are necessary to provide the services that the partner you are using the service requests.

  • desktop_mac
    For your browsing on our websites

    We collect Data when you access our sites, perform searches and fill out forms.

    We collect Data when you access our sites, perform searches and fill in forms. We also collect Data from you when you use our Services; fill out forms, make comments, participate in promotions, online events, perform searches and other interactions on our Services; and access our Services through your computer, mobile phone, smart TV and/or other access device. Data collected from your access to the Services includes: your approximate location (latitude and longitude); your IP address; information from your access device (such as unit identifier, advertising identifier, operating system name and type); your internet connection information; your browser type and the pages and content you access on our Services. In addition, when you interact with certain Services, we may request access to your photo gallery, social media photos, your access device's camera and microphone, as well as your contact list. In such situations, your prior authorization will always be requested for the collection of said Data.

  • supervisor_account
    Through Third Parties

    Some of your Data may be obtained by us from publicly available sources, service providers and our partners.

    We collect Data about you from publicly available sources, service providers and partners who provide us with your Data in accordance with applicable law.

  • donut_large
    Through the use of cookies

    Cookies are used to track visiting habits. They allow us to remember your preferences, deliver ads and analyze audiences.

    In general, cookies are used to:
    · Provide differentiated services, remembering who you are and what your browsing habits are, in addition to accessing your registration information;
    · Calculate the size of the audience;
    · Measure certain browsing patterns, mapping which areas of the Services portals you have visited and your visiting habits as a whole. We use this information to verify the browsing routine of our users, and thus offer increasingly personalized content and/or services; and
    · Facilitate and speed up the filling of forms. The information contained in each user's cookies can be used to pre-fill existing data collection forms on the Internet.
    Cookie categories:
    Strictly necessary:
    Necessary for the website to function. They allow you to browse our websites and use the services and features (e.g. security cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and protect user data from unauthorized third parties).
    These cookies typically collect information anonymously and allow you to determine information such as the number of visitors to a page, how visitors arrived on the site and the pages accessed.
    Cookies in this category allow Woffice to remember information about user behavior and preferences, such as a chosen city.
    Losing the information stored in a preference cookie may make the website experience less functional, but it does not stop it from working.
    Advertising and targeting
    Woffice uses some cookies for advertising purposes. This is done to deliver ads and run advertising campaigns according to a specific audience. Through these it is possible to deliver ads according to your consumption profile on the site.
    Use of third-party cookies
    Technology service providers may use their own cookies on the Services, with our authorization, to provide services to Woffice. Such cookies will collect your Data on our properties for the purposes set out in this policy.
    How to change or block cookies
    Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can, however, change the settings to block cookies or alert you when a cookie is being sent to your device. There are several ways to manage cookies, it is possible to create a general block for cookies, block cookies from a specific website and even block third-party cookies in relation to a website. Blocking all cookies will affect how your experience works, as it will not be possible to identify your preferences and recommend relevant content and advertising.

    Consult your browser instructions to learn more about how to adjust or change your settings, remembering that the desired configuration must be replicated on all devices used to access the Services (such as computers, smartphones, tablets).

  • storage
    Where do we store, process and transfer your Data?

    Your Data can be transferred, stored and processed in the national territory and abroad, respecting security and confidentiality procedures.

    You consent that your Data may be transferred, stored and processed in the national territory or abroad by Woffice or by Partners, in accordance with this Policy. Wherever your Data is transferred, stored or processed by us or our Partners, please know that we will take the technical and organizational security and confidentiality measures and safeguards to ensure an adequate level of Data protection.

How do we use your Data?

We use your Data to:

  • room_service
    Provide Services to you

    Your Data is collected so that we can deliver content, process payments and target services that may be of interest to you.

  • comment
    Communicate with you

    We collect your Data to improve our services, respond when you contact us and to keep you informed about relevant matters.

  • gavel
    Provide security and protect rights

    We keep certain Data in order to prevent illegal, fraudulent and suspicious activities and to promote technical and operational support.

  • gamepad
    Customize your experience

    Your Data helps us create a more personalized experience by selecting content, products, services and even advertising according to your interests.

  • important_devices
    Improve, analyze the Services and develop new products and services

    Your Data may be used for research, analysis and innovation of our products and services.

  • book
    Fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations

    Your Data may be necessary for us to comply with legal and regulatory determinations and measures, whether judicial and administrative.

  • insert_emoticon
    Children's Data

    Woffice does not allow account registration for persons under 16 years of age. And it does not process data, or offer products and services to this audience. It is required that your users share the same policy.

With whom do we share your Data?

We may share your Data with third parties, who follow our standards of security and confidentiality.

  • business
    Which company is the Controller of your data in Woffice?

    Woffice LLC
    We are based at 2450 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33073.
    You can email us at gdpr@woffice.app.

  • supervisor_account
    Third parties and partners

    We may share your Data with third parties, who follow our standards of security and confidentiality.

    Your Data will be shared with the categories of third parties (below) (together, “Partners”) always in accordance with this Policy, the terms of use of the respective Service (if any), applicable legislation, for the purposes set out below.

    Sponsors and Advertisers
    For the purposes of complying with the requirements of commercial actions, promotions or contests, in the case of commercial actions, promotions or contests sponsored by other companies or through partnerships with Woffice, provided that you have agreed to participate in such actions or promotions and contests .

    Research companies
    In order to provide a service that best suits your profile, we and/or our research partners will contact you to conduct surveys and surveys in order to test, troubleshoot or evaluate our Services.

    Related Companies
    To (i) identify Related Companies' products and services that may be of interest to you; (ii) create a more personalized profile about you for the purpose of helping to personalize your experience on Related Companies' services; (iii) offer advertising based on your interests; (iv) conduct research and analysis to assist in improving the services of Related Companies (eg, recommending programs to you that may be of interest to you); and (v) communicate commercial actions, promotions or contests conducted by Related Companies and/or by Woffice in partnership with Related Companies. Related Companies means all companies that are or will be controlled, controlling, affiliated or under common control of Woffice LLC.

    Information Technology Service Providers
    To (i) provide cloud services for our platform; (ii) host the Services and content; and (iii) provide technical and operational support for the Services. In these circumstances, your Data will be stored and processed on third-party platforms.

    Technical Support Service Provider
    For third parties who provide us with technical support services to provide assistance to users or subscribers. In these circumstances, your Data will be processed by such third parties.

    Marketing Service Providers
    To offer ads relevant to your profile, email marketing, telemarketing, SMS, instant notification (push), we rely on third-party services.

    Financial Institutions, Payment Means Providers, Payment Means Integrators and Credit Card Companies.
    In order to process payment in the event that you purchase a Paid Service, we will share your credit card number, bank details, billing details and contact information with financial institutions, payment method providers, payment method integrators and companies of credit cards.

    Data Analysis and Credit Partners.
    To confirm and complete your Data, we will cross-reference the Data you provide to us with those you have shared with Data analysis companies, including credit.

    Government Authority
    To (i) comply with legal, judicial and administrative determinations and also comply with official documents of competent authorities and (ii) take or provoke legal, judicial and administrative measures to defend our rights provided for in this Policy and in the Terms of Use, including in any legal proceeding or administrative. By Government Authorities is understood police authorities, public entities and/or other governmental organizations.

    Security entities and fraud prevention
    To (i) fulfill contractual obligation; (ii) exercise the terms and conditions of this Policy and/or the Terms of Use and/or subscription agreements to which you have accepted; (iii) prevent illegal, fraudulent or suspicious activities; (iv) prevent technical or security problems; and (v) report violations and/or protect our rights and property.

    Partners and buyers of new companies and/or assets
    For the sale of businesses, assets or equity interests in Woffice, or the incorporation of new companies and investments.

    Business partners
    To (i) improve our Services; (ii) expand our business; (iii) to develop new businesses, including businesses that involve the provision of services to third parties to complement Data, in order to facilitate your registration and improve your experience in the products and services of the partners.

  • archive
    Partners may collect Data about you from our services

    Your Data may be collected on our properties or by third parties on their properties, respecting the Data policy of each company involved.

How do we protect your Data?

We adopt practices and technologies in line with technical and regulatory market standards, as well as controls that are always reviewed and improved.

  • assignment
    Anonymized data

    Your data is collected and processed in such a way that you are not personally identified.

    In addition to processing the Data in accordance with this Policy, we also collect and process your data anonymously, that is, so that you are not personally identified.

  • lock
    How do we keep your Data secure?

    Woffice implements security controls to protect your Data.

    We adopt practices in line with technical and regulatory market standards for data security and privacy, with comprehensive actions in technology and organizational processes.

    Our measures to preserve your Data against unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction include physical and logical protection of assets, encrypted communications, management of access, adherence to secure software development and internal compliance policies that insert security. in the lifecycle of our Services.

    All of these controls are continually reviewed to track and react to the context of Internet threats. However, we cannot guarantee that our Services will be completely tamper-proof. But don't worry: we have teams prepared to detect and respond promptly, in the event of any event or incident that compromises the security of your Data or our Services.


If you need any support or have any questions, requests or suggestions regarding this Policy, please go ahead, contact us.

  • notifications_active
    How can we notify you of changes to the Policy?

    We are always improving our Policy and the changes will be reflected on this page. So, before using one of our Services, take a look here. You will always be notified of any changes, whether through a notice on the Privacy Portal, on the Services, by sending an email, SMS, instant notification (push) or through other means.

    When we post changes to the Policy, we will update the date the last change was posted.

    Remember: By continuing to access the Services after such changes take effect, you are agreeing to be bound by the new version of the Policy.

  • question_answer
    How to get in touch?

    This Policy is part of an ongoing process that seeks to use your information in the safest and most ethical manner. Totally thought for you. That's why it's very important for us to hear from you and get your impressions of what we've talked about here. Send an email to gdpr@woffice.app or open a ticket by clicking here